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Customer achievements

Here you will find some customer achievements among others

EG Racing (53410 La Gravelle)

  • Integration of the SmartFlow kit in a "custom" cabinet.

  • Air source based on 3 industrial vacuum cleaners (switchable one by one).

  • 3-way valves for controlling the intake and exhaust flow mode.

  • Crossing of the sensor pipes by solenoid valves controlled by the SmartFlow software (FCU-2 with relay option)

Soufflerie à culasse
Soufflerie à culasse

Damien Leoni:

"I am satisfied with the repeatability of your flow bench"


Soufflerie à culasse
Soufflerie à culasse

LD Racing (63530 Volvic)

  • SmartFlow Basic

  • 83 mm cylinder adapter

  • Air source with 2 motors

Soufflerie à culasse

NDTC (14350 Etouvy)

  • Using FCU and SmartFlow software alone

  • Existing pitot tube based flowmeter as primary element.

  • => Adaptation possible

Nicolas Dubois 

Jérémie Fache 

Soufflerie à culasse
Soufflerie à culasse

My MiniRevolution (78550 Houdan)

  • SmartFlow Basic

  • Cylinder adapters (65 and 71 mm)

  • Simple vacuum cleaner

Soufflerie à culasse

ALS workshop (31330 Merville)

  • SmartFlow Basic

  • FCU-3

  • Reverse flow


Laurent Peyrouzet

"Your flowbench is working well"

Cyril Beltrami


Annecy-Motor (74600 Annecy)

  • Horizontal mounting of the flowmeter

  • Cylinder adapter (for multiple bores)


13390 Auriol

  • SmartFlow et SmartCams

  • Adaptateur de cylindre


" SmartFlow Repeatability rate : 0.48%"

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