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SmartFlow SC1: Features and performances
SmartFlow Carac
Principle and performance
Flow meter
  • Diaphragm flow meter with non-constant floating test pressure: At low lift, the pressure is greater than the standard test pressure and at high lift, it’s the opposite.

More representative of the real intake phenomenon

  • Flowmeter in accordance with ISO 5167-2 : Sizing, lengths, positioning of components.

Control electronics
  • The use of high-performance electronics makes it possible to obtain very good resolution. The Flow Control Unit allows the acquisition of the test pressure, the pressure of the primary element as well as the atmospheric pressure. The temperatures in intake and exhaust mode are also measured.


> 32-bit Micro Controller with 12 bits analog to digital conversion

(theoretical resolution of 1/4096 = 0.024% and practical 0.1% )


> Temperature compensated P sensors

  • The calculation of the mass flow Q and volumic Q takes into account the Reynolds number (Re), the temperature and the atmospheric pressure and takes into account the ISO 5167-2 standard.

Measurement uncertainty <1%

  • The software provides automatic zeroing of the instrument as well as digital filtering.

  • The flow is calculated at a standard pressure (10 or 28 inches H2O, industry standards)

  • The repeatability measurement carried out on a calibrated plate over 50 measurements gives a standard deviation of 0.43 for an average of 83.8 CFM.

0.5% repeatability rate

Control software
User configuration (saved automatically)
  • Units of physical quantities (P, T, Q, V)

  • Flow mode (intake / exhaust)

  • Correction standard (P and T)

  • Characteristics of the cylinder head tested

  • Flowmeter parameters if customization

  • Launch of continuous real-time acquisition

  • Point by point acquisition

  • Graph plot

  • Point erasure

Main display
  • Test pressure and flow meter pressure (digital and analog display)

  • Mass and volume flow (real and standardized)

  • Weather forecast: P barometric and T ° (°C/°F)

  • Valve lift

  • Theoretical gas velocity and Mach index

  • Real-time display of the graph of the observed curve

Easy and visual use

Easy to use
Pressure taps

The hoses supplied are connected to the tubing and to the FCU via “push in” type connectors which allows them to be assembled and disassembled effortlessly and quickly. It is very practical to switch from intake to exhaust mode and vice versa.

Even easier with the crossover kit

Temperature measurements

SmartFlow SC1 is delivered with the sensors already installed, just plug in the supplied dedicated cable.

Connection to the shop vacuum

The 63-40 connector supplied makes it easy to connect workshop vacuums.

Connecting the FCU to the computer

The supplied USB cable plugs into a USB port on the PC.  

Easy and fast implementation

Data management and visualization
  • 32 possible curves with selection for comparison

  • Backup/Playback of files (file comparison possible)

  • Printing

 Data grids
  • Complete data of the current test

  • File backup/ Playback

  • Viewing an individual table set from a test session

  • Printing

  • Data in Excel compatible CSV format


Information always available

Other characteristics
  • Test pressure measurement range: 0-100 hPa (0-40 inch H2O)

  • Compensation for location and weather conditions

  • Type of flow: choice between intake or exhaust

  • Maximum bore diameter: 104 mm

  • Dedicated software running under WINDOWS ® 7 and 10

SmartCams AC1: Features and Performance
SmartCams Carac
Control software
User configuration
  • Step measurement: 0.3 ° or 0.6 ° cam (0.6 or 1.2 ° crankshaft)

  • Cam type: intake / exhaust

  • Possibility to see the profile of the journal (guide in the bearing)

  • Direction of rotation of the camshaft

  • Remote digital dial gauge (probe) zero

  • Search for start position (based on top of cam)

  • Profile acquisition: 1mn 15s (or 2mn 30s in fine step)

  • Graph plot

Main display
  • Real-time profile of the plotted curve

Graph / Projects
  • Cam profile, valve, acceleration speed curves

  • Measurement cursors, zoom

  • File backup / replay (file comparison possible)

  • Printing


Easy and visual use

Motorized support bench
  • Aluminum rail on adjustable feet

  • Adjustable bearing V (in x and z)

  • Adjustable stepper motor unit (in x and z)

  • Adjustable dial gauge support (in x, y and z)

  • 1/100 resolution digital comparator

  • Flat pusher

  • Angles determined by the motor step

  • Box connected by USB port to the control PC

  • Motor control

  • Reading protocol


                           Robust and easy to use

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